Trenbolone e vs trenbolone a

Equipoise has one of the longest detection times of any anabolic steroid; if you are a tested athlete you are urged to forgo its use. Equipoise can be detected in the urine for months even after use has been discontinued; some studies have claimed they can trace the drug back to as far as one year from the end of use. In most countries Equipoise is not legally obtainable; in most cases only through purchase from an underground lab can this drug be obtained. For that reason it is very important you understand the laws in the country you live.

Both Dianabol and oral Trenbolone suppress your body’s ability to produce testosterone naturally. This means you’ll need to plan for proper post-cycle therapy (PCT) after you use either steroid. Both steroids have very short half-lives – six hours for oral Tren and roughly four hours for Dianabol – so you’ll want to start your PCT immediately. The best option involves using a SERM, such as Clomid or Nolvadex. On the day after your last dose, take 150mg of Clomid or 40mg of Nolvadex, and continue taking it for about four weeks. After the first two weeks, divide this dose in half. If you still feel sluggish after the fourth week, divide the dose in half again and continue for another week.

Trenbolone e vs trenbolone a

trenbolone e vs trenbolone a


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