Steroids shriveled balls

This is Woof Woof. He is a 12 year old male chocolate lab. I do not know anything about him prior to  November 20th  when he showed up in my driveway and collapsed at my feet. He was 39 pounds and could barely walk. Fast forward to today he is now a healthy 60 pounds and just a sweet old guy. He does have some medical issues. He was never treated for a hematoma on his ear so his one ear is shriveled up. He is deaf. He can’t go up or down steps very well. I have four steps off my porch and he’ll sometimes fall when trying to get down to potty. He takes gabapentin twice a day which helps with the pain. We are trying to wean him off steroids; he is up to ½ tablet every other day. He is potty trained but leaks urine. We have found the medicine prion to help the issue. He has a vitamin B deficiency so he requires a monthly shot. The vet also thinks he may have a mass or possibly cancer on this brain because he sways to one side. About his personality, he is a wonderful sweet dog who just wants to be in your company. He is great with little kids and other dogs but not with cats

Hehe.. I was just going to take my cold shower myself when I stumble across your post. You did great with the challenge.. It surely was worth it. I’m from Mauritius and I was used to taking cold showers almost everyday but since I came to UK, I have been taking only hot showers and it makes me feel really depressive.. been thinking about it when one day, we had a problem with the boiler here and were forced to take cold showers! that’s when I noticed the difference… I was so uplifted and had a big smile on my face after the shower!! I then went to look at the benefits of cold showers on the internet and well you know about it.. but well I was quite lazy.. once boiler was fixed i went back to taking the usual hot shower.. But as from today i made up my mind.. i just have to do it.. ;)

Be sure to have an accurate soil test done to determine exactly what your pH level is and how much you need to lower it. Many vegetables do just fine with soil as sweet as . If you live where limestone in the soil is constantly dissolving and raising pH, try applying elemental sulfur. It works best when the soil is warm but still is a slow fix, taking months to have any effect. It is a process that should not be rushed. Apply it 2-3 times over the season 6-8 weeks apart, testing between applications to be sure you don't go overboard. To acidify a small area, try watering with leftover coffee diluted 50% with water. Acidic mulches like shredded pine bark, pine needles, or peat moss can slowly lower pH over time. Let your soil test be your guide.

Steroids shriveled balls

steroids shriveled balls


steroids shriveled ballssteroids shriveled ballssteroids shriveled balls