Steroid nasal allergy medications

If you require steroid nasal sprays to treat allergies and inflammation conditions in the nose, Oxford Online Pharmacy provides an online consultation with our GMC registered doctor. Please select your nasal spray and complete the online doctor's questionnaire. Your medical history will then be reviewed by our doctor and, if approved, a prescription will be issued for the cost of £. If you already have a private or NHS prescription, you can select the prescribed medicine and send your prescription to Oxford Online Pharmacy. Your nasal sprays will then be dispensed and sent in discreet packaging to you when we have received your prescription.

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My preference is to prescribe a short course of oral steroid which is tapered (reduced gradually) every two days for a total of ten days. A nasal steroid spray is prescribed for long-term use. The nasal steroid sprays are not addictive and may help to maintain good airflow through the nasal passages as the oral steroid is eliminated. The patient is instructed to stop the TND within two days, allowing time for the oral steroid to take effect. If there is no history of blood pressure elevation, heart, thyroid or eye problems, an oral decongestant (. Sudafed) may also be recommended. I also recommend nasal saline rinses.

Steroid nasal allergy medications

steroid nasal allergy medications


steroid nasal allergy medicationssteroid nasal allergy medicationssteroid nasal allergy medicationssteroid nasal allergy medicationssteroid nasal allergy medications