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One of the plants that are used to regular treatment is behind the wind (Mallotus sp.). Traditionally this is used for the relief of pain and increase stamina by way of boiling the seven pieces of young leaves and drink once a day in the morning. This research aims to know the acute toxicity of ethanol extracts of leaves behind the wind (Mallotus sp) against larvae of Artemia salina Leach BSLT method. The research method used is qualitative analysis of chemical compound and Brine Shrimp Lethality Test (BSLT) method with post-test-only control group design. The results of research on ethanol extracts of leaves behind the wind showed the value of LC 50 of ppm, so can be said of ethanol extracts of leaves behind the wind on this experiment of acute toxicity has on the larvae of Artemia salina Brine Shrimp method using Leach Lethality Test (BSLT).

The objectives of this reserch were to determine the antibacterial activity of hexane-petroleum ether (1 : 1 v/v) extract of Artemisia cinaBerg. ex Poljakov on Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus and its compounds. The design of the research was using completely Randomized Design in five concentration of extract that were 0, 50, 75, 100, 150, dan 200 mg/ml with four repliceted. Ethanol 60% was used as negative control and tetracycline as positive control. There were three steps of research. First step was extracted the plant using soxhlet method with hexane-petroleum ether (1:1 v/v). Second step was determined the antibacterial activity of hexane-petroleum ether (1:1 v/v) extract in various concentration of that extracts on E. Coli and S. aureus using agar diffusion method. Analysis of Variance (ANOVA) and was used to determined the significan different of diameter of inhibition between the treatments. Thirdsteps was phytochemical analysis of extract. The highest antibactrial activity on E. Coli was at 100 mg/ml whereas on S. Aureus at 150 mg/ml. That extract was contained flavonoid, alkaloid, essential oils, saponin, sterol, tritepene, hydrolized tannin, and coumarin.

Skrining fitokimia steroid

skrining fitokimia steroid


skrining fitokimia steroidskrining fitokimia steroidskrining fitokimia steroidskrining fitokimia steroidskrining fitokimia steroid