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I simply MUST sing your praises. I was having such difficulty with my Josie’s diet, and it seemed nothing that I fed her (store bought or homemade based on my limited knowledge and research) was doing the trick. Then I came across your old website, and eventually this new website and this post. Josie has been eating a diet of quinoa, ground turkey, and cooked squash with probiotics mixed in and a one daily dose of spirulina. I was hesitant at first, but she has gained about a pound or so in TWO weeks, with no bloating (she hasn’t ever had that problem…knock on wood) and has had solid bowel movements for the first time since we adopted her!! AMAZING Her diarrhea had been so bad that she was having accidents in the house, and she hasn’t had an accident in over two weeks. I wanted to say a big, big thank you, I believe you likely saved her life! She is just so much happier and healthier now! For anyone else reading, I couldn’t find the powdered spirulina, and had to buy the tablets (which she seems to like) and just give her one tablet a day. The dosage for humans is six tablets a day, so I believe she is fine. She will have blood work done in a few weeks for ultimate confirmation, but is doing VERY well. Will likely add a multivitamin, but don’t want to change too much because she is doing so well. THANK YOU AGAIN!

Angel was an ex breeding dog who we re-homed when she was three years of age. She was nervous and didn't trust any humans, however, as soon as my mother found her they were inseparable. Angel clinged to my mother and wouldn't let her go, and she never let go till the day the angels reclaimed her. We never knew true friendship until we met you.
Angel was a beautiful dog with a beautiful heart, with our love making her stronger every day. She eventually began to trust again, with walks on the beach being her favorite activity along with barking at the cat from Coronation Street.
She was truly the best companion any one could ask for, with her devoted stare and constant undying love. I'm so glad that her last ten years was filled with laughter, happiness and love which every pet deserves. Her memory will be with us always as she left a deep paw print on all of our hearts.
We love you Angel, may you rest in peace and I can't wait for us to meet again. You truly were our most favorite hello, and our hardest goodbye. Although we filled your life with love and devotion, nothing compares to what you gave to us. Sleep tight my little Angel

“I have come to find the diseases from allergies, asthma, atopy, anaphylaxis, eczema, Type I-IV hypersensitivity reactions, cancer, all the autoimmune diseases, Cushing’s, Addison’s, hypothyroid, obesity; heart, liver, kidney disease; vision problems, cell mediated immunity problems; bacterial, viral, fungal, yeast  infections, parasites, internal and external, skin parasites, inter and extra-cellular pathogens like Lyme Disease and Leptospirosis, cytotoxic t cells, all manners of heart disease – all of these and many more are vaccine induced disease. Early aging is vaccine disease, as are anal gland problems, pancreatic problems – all of this can be vaccine induced.

Quality vet steroids 2012

quality vet steroids 2012


quality vet steroids 2012quality vet steroids 2012quality vet steroids 2012quality vet steroids 2012quality vet steroids 2012