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The Competency in Optometry Examination is conducted under the auspices of the Optometry Council of Australia and New Zealand (OCANZ). Further information is available at the  OCANZ website . Optometrists trained outside Australia and New Zealand are required to complete a Board approved ocular therapeutics post graduate course or the examination conducted by OCANZ known as the Assessment of Competence in Ocular Therapeutics (ACOT) to demonstrate competencies in ocular therapeutics prior to making an application for general registration. Further information is available at the OCANZ website .

Although there is anecdotal evidence that the Overseas Contract Job market is quite large, experiencing growth and competitive, it is difficult to quantify because the available statistics do not differentiate those working domestically from those working abroad. However, labor statistics for civil engineers indicate that the overall domain is experiencing phenomenal growth, approximately 20 percent annually, and within the context of the anecdotal evidence, that is a great indication that the overseas job market is experiencing similar success. Professionals looking at Overseas Contract Jobs may also want to consider Overseas Construction Jobs and International Engineering Jobs .

Supervised practice must be completed in accordance with the requirements set out in the Board’s Supervised Practice Arrangements Standard . After completion of at least 75% of supervised practice hours, Stream B candidates will be required to undertake a registration assessment directed by the Board which may include an oral examination (pharmacy law and ethics) and/or oral examination (practice). After successful completion of any prescribed assessment(s) and assigned supervised practice hours, Stream B candidates are eligible to apply for general registration.

Overseas pharmacy steroids

overseas pharmacy steroids


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