Most famous steroid users in baseball

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Louganis’s next attempt was a disaster. He misjudged the timing on a reverse somersault, smacked the back of his head on the board during his descent, and emerged from the water bleeding. A stitched-up Louganis came back to win the gold medal; he later revealed that he had been diagnosed as HIV-positive right before the Games. Two photographers, Richard Clarkson and Brian Smith, recorded the head-banging incident from the side angle. But Kluetmeier would have had the only overhead shots of that dramatic moment, if not for the over-zealous guards.

Best described in the documentary “Bigger, Stronger, Faster*,” steroids will only amplify personality characteristics that the individual already has. The only studies to have come from steroids are those performed on rats. The difference between humans and rats? We have a better capacity to control aggression. Caffeine and other stimulants have also been included within literature as stimulants that lead to higher levels of aggression, but should coffee be blamed for all outbursts by coffee drinkers? It also has been suggested that estrogen in fact is to blame for increased levels of aggression. Testosterone on the contrary makes males feel positive and motivated.

Most famous steroid users in baseball

most famous steroid users in baseball


most famous steroid users in baseballmost famous steroid users in baseballmost famous steroid users in baseballmost famous steroid users in baseballmost famous steroid users in baseball