Morriz garza esteroides

El consentimiento informado es un proceso, en el que una persona acepta participar en una investigation, conociendo los riesgos, beneficios, consecuencias o problemas que se puedan presenter durante el desarrollo de la misma. El objetivo de este trabajo es reunir las caracteristicas del proceso de consentimiento informado (PCI) pare que su discernimiento y cumplimiento posibilite el ejercicio etc° dialogico, reflexivo y responsable del investigador. Se presentan los resultados de una extensa revision de les elementos del PCI, desde sus cornponentes hasta su fundamento etico y legal, incluyendo los mites y realidades que existen sobre el formato de consentimiento informado come recurso legal de protection. El consentimiento informado no es un formato establecido que los investigadores repliquen, se trata de que la praxis del PCI sea una tarea cotidiana dentro de la investigation con seres humanos, como comunicaciOn deliberative y critica, responsable y comprometida entre dos agentes morales, investigador-investigado. PMID:19507477

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The infratrochlear nerve supplies the medial aspect of the upper eyelid, the superolateral aspect of the nose and the lacrimal caruncle. This nerve may contribute to the pain stemming from the trochlea, but infratrochlear neuralgia has not been identified as a specific cause of pain. Over a 10-year period we have been recruiting patients with pain in the internal angle of the orbit that did not show features of trochlear pain. Seven patients (six female, one male; mean age,  ± ) presented with pain in the territory of the infratrochlear nerve. The pain appeared in the internal angle of the orbit and upper eyelid (n = 3), the superolateral aspect of the nose (n = 3), or the lacrimal caruncle (n = 1). All patients had a paroxysmal pain, with the attacks lasting five to 30 seconds. Pain attacks were mostly spontaneous, but two patients had triggers. Between attacks, all patients had local allodynia. Pain did not increase with vertical eye movements. Six patients were treated with gabapentin with complete response, and one patient experienced long-lasting relief with an anesthetic blockade of the infratrochlear nerve. Infratrochlear neuralgia should be considered as a possible cause of pain in the internal angle of the orbit. © International Headache Society 2015.

Morriz garza esteroides

morriz garza esteroides


morriz garza esteroidesmorriz garza esteroidesmorriz garza esteroidesmorriz garza esteroidesmorriz garza esteroides