Gaspari halodrol 50 prosteroid

Halodrol Liquigels will almost certainly have some effect on serum testosterone: the recommended dose is sufficient to provide a useful amount of 6-OXO (300–600 mg). Likewise, many users give a “thumbs up” to AA, and the dose should be sufficient here too. It’s also possible that the -(-)3, 4-Divanillytetrahydrofuran could have some effect on free testosterone—”unknown” doesn’t mean “it doesn’t work,” after all…but this, the 20E and the DHEA are “wild cards.” Can’t hurt, I suppose.

The formula is excellent and so is the delivery system. You'll feel it within the first week and I would be flat out lying to you if I said that I didn't really like this stuff! In fact it's ALMOST perfect. But here's the problem. A 250mg "proprietary blend" is NOT enough of a dose for a normal sized person, let alone a bodybuilder. If you want this stuff to do what it's supposed to do, at an absolute minimum you'll need two a day. Now let's do some math, shall we.... There are 30 tabs in a box so it's essentially a two week supply. For an 8 week cycle, this bad-boy is going to run you $. Do yourself a favor and check out Hi Tech Pharmaceuticals Superdrol. It has the same delivery system but it's more than double the dose. Each bottle lasts for 24 days and is roughly $60 also. You'll need 3 bottles for 8 week cycle but you'll not only spend $60 less overall.... You'll also have an additional 3 weeks supply left over when you finish your 8th week and each daily dose that you will have taken will be DOUBLE Halodrols.. I'm not hating on Gaspari here. They know they have a built in fan base here and that's why they can get away with under dosing their products and still sell a ton of them. Bottom line.... Double the dose and it'd be a no-brainer! Until then, AIN'T HAPPENING!!!!

Gaspari halodrol 50 prosteroid

gaspari halodrol 50 prosteroid


gaspari halodrol 50 prosteroidgaspari halodrol 50 prosteroidgaspari halodrol 50 prosteroidgaspari halodrol 50 prosteroidgaspari halodrol 50 prosteroid