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NEW Every year thousands of tourists visit Trolltunga in Norway, and most emerge with a picture showing themselves in what appears to be complete isolation 1,000ft above a sweeping lake below. But the reality of how that picture is obtained is anything but tranquil, as these behind-the-scenes images show hundreds of people queuing for up to three hours in order to take one picture on the rocky outcrop. Tour guide Kenneth Warvik, who took the pictures, says the tourists' obsession with getting the perfect Instagram shot is leaving the area covered in litter and putting them in danger.

The Daily Mail was transformed by its editor during the 1970s and 1980s, David English . He had been editor of the Daily Sketch from 1969 to 1971, when it closed. Part of the same group from 1953, the Sketch was absorbed by its sister title, and English became editor of the Mail , a post in which he remained for more than 20 years. [48] English transformed it from a struggling newspaper selling half as many copies as its mid-market rival, the Daily Express , to a formidable publication, whose circulation rose to surpass that of the Express by the mid-1980s. [49] English was knighted in 1982. [50]

Jean Shrimpton rocked the Melbourne Cup in 1965 by wearing a shift dress with no gloves, stockings, or hat. The very next year there was nary a hemline below the knee as women all tried to replicate her iconic look. While the 70s saw hippy maxidresses and super-short skirts, Princess Diana was the picture of class in 1985. The 90s saw bright suit-skirt combos straight out of Clueless, while Paris Hilton scandalised the nation when she dared to bare her midrif in the early 2000s. Strappy sandals have replaced pumps and hats are starting to disappear in favour of headbands and crowns.

Daily mail female bodybuilder steroids

daily mail female bodybuilder steroids


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