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As White House Chief of Staff, Sununu reportedly took personal trips, for skiing and other purposes, and classified them as official, for purposes such as conservation or promoting the Thousand Points of Light . [20] The Washington Post wrote that Sununu's jets "took him to fat-cat Republican fund-raisers, ski lodges, golf resorts and even his dentist in Boston." [20] Sununu had paid the government only $892 for his more than $615,000 worth of military jet travel. [21] Sununu said that his use of the jets was necessary because he had to be near a telephone at all times for reasons of national security. [22] Sununu became the subject of much late-night television humor over the incident. [20] Sununu worsened the situation shortly afterwards when, after leaking rumors of financial difficulties in his family, he traveled to a rare stamp auction at Christie's auction house in New York City from Washington in a government limousine , spending $5,000 on rare stamps. [23] Sununu then sent the car and driver back to Washington unoccupied while he returned on a corporate jet. [23] In the course of one week, 45 newspapers ran editorials on Sununu, nearly all of them critical of his actions. [24] Sununu resigned his White House post on December 4, 1991.

Like pretty much all of Verbinski’s movies, A Cure For Wellness doesn’t know when to say when. It’s not the most elegant piece of writing, pockmarked as it is with lapses in logic, lengthy detours, and plot holes. (Why doesn’t Lockhart check in with his colleagues back in New York sooner? Simple answer: Because the story wouldn’t work if he did.) And after one too many real-or-fake reversals, the final reveals may inspire more shrugs than gasps, whether you’ve gotten ahead of the film’s secrets or not. But if Verbinski risks losing our investment in this tale of physical, mental, and/or spiritual decay, his talent for fantastical spectacle never grows old—especially as the film begins crosscutting between its most ghoulish and most opulent attractions, culminating in a climax that suggests what a Hammer horror movie might look like on an eight-digit budget. Simply put, nothing stranger is likely to make it to multiplexes any time soon. Savor the oddness.

Cop on steroids 17 year old

cop on steroids 17 year old


cop on steroids 17 year oldcop on steroids 17 year oldcop on steroids 17 year oldcop on steroids 17 year oldcop on steroids 17 year old